26 Oct 2021

Girbau awarded with the Catalonia Ecodesign Prize 2021

Girbau has received the Catalonia Award for Ecodesign 2021 in the category of “Product in development” with its Sustainable Washing Machine GS7018.

This Catalonia Award for Ecodesign 2021, which this year celebrates its IV edition, is promoted by the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and recognizes products and proposals designed to improve environmental behavior throughout the cycle of life, following a circular economy model. In this edition, 131 applications have been submitted.

The Catalonia Prize for Ecodesign 2021 favors the transition towards the circular economy and promotes more sustainable products, more efficient in the use of resources and more durable.

Girbau sustainable washing machine

This edition and in the category of product in development, the award went to the Sustainable Washing Machine GS7018 designed by Girbau.

The GS7018 Sustainable Washing Machine, still in the development phase, is an ergonomic industrial washing machine with an intuitive interface, which allows high efficiency in the use of resources and optimizes energy consumption, both water and chemical products.

The washing machine also seeks to solve the separation and capture of microplastics that come off when washing clothes.

Rentadora Sostenible GS7018 dissenyada per Girbau


Girbau’s commitment to sustainability

Girbau is committed to innovative solutions with the aim of promoting the sustainable growth of its customers and the industrial laundry sector. The fundamental premise of the company is a continuous technological improvement, always pursuing energy efficiency and reducing water consumption.

Also noteworthy is the task of its open innovation platform, GIRBAU LAB, which is articulated through three lines of work: digital transformation, sustainability, and people’s health and well-being.

In terms of sustainability and circularity, its activity focuses on offering solutions for transforming the traditional industrial business towards circular solutions to minimize the environmental footprint of machines and extend their life cycle.