02 Jul 2024

“For clothing to be more durable, better design and better communication are key.”

We spoke with the founder and director of Textile ETP, Lutz Walter, about the present and future of the European textile industry.

The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (Textile ETP) is a European initiative aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the textile sector through collaborative research and innovation, combining the priorities of the European industry with the scientific and technological knowledge and capabilities of universities, research organizations, and technology developers. Girbau LAB is a member of Textile ETP, which is why we are particularly excited that this month’s Girbau LAB Talk by So Good features Lutz Walter, the founder and director of the platform.


“The transformation that is coming is radically disruptive because it encompasses all the links in the textile value chain.”

Lutz’s knowledge has allowed us to look to the future and reflect on what our clothing will be like in twenty years and how we will interact with it. What materials will we use? Where and how will it be made? Will we have managed to extend its use? A conversation that helps us anticipate, among other things, new business models associated with the use phase.


“More effective cleaning and care of clothing will help increase its durability.”

You can access the full conversation on Girbau LAB Talks by So Good,the interview space from which we encourage reflection on the use phase of textiles as key to a more circular industry.