28 Oct 2019

Genís Roca interview, speaker at Innovators Club

Digital transformation in the industrial sector has its focus on data collection from sensors, although other opportunities for disruptive solutions open up. In this interview, RocaSalvatella’s president and digital transformation expert, Genis Roca, also reviews the reality of innovation and its execution. For Roca, by 2050 washing clothes at home will be “as rare as it is now to cook at home”.

Genís Roca was the guest speaker at the Girbau LAB Innovators Club on October 23 in Girbau Group’s headquarters in Vic.

Where is digital transformation now?

In the design of proactive services on a large scale, but nevertheless hyper-customized, based on real-time data.

What effects does digital transformation have on the industrial sector?

Mostly the industrial sector is focusing on the deployment of sensors that allow to obtain new sources of data, from which to further efficient the production and supply processes. That leads to the dominance of the focus on cost reduction and time optimization. There are also a lot of opportunities in designing new and more disruptive solutions.

What is innovation to you?

To solve a problem in another way that is more efficient.

What is the value of open innovation?

To be connected and related to other environments. And it’s more than a value, it’s indispensable.

What is the most effective way to develop innovation in a company?

To be under pressure and willing to “everything.” Innovation is the result of a need, and the more pressing that need, the more determined and serious efforts will be needed to solve it. Innovation must disturb, and enduring such annoyance is only possible if the situation requires it. So the most effective way to develop innovation is to find yourself in an emergency situation.

How will you wash your clothes in 2050?

There is a clear tendency for people to cook less and less. People eat more and more away from home, or the consume pre-cooked products. This trend will go further in household consumption and washing clothes at home will be as rare as it is now to cook at home.