28 Feb 2024

“The most important aspect of clothing is not the brand or its cost, but rather how we take care of it”

New conversation with Núria Ferrer, a laundry professional, about the durability of clothing

Núria Ferrer has been running the Monestir dry cleaning and laundry business in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, a tourist town on the Costa Brava, for 27 years. The location of the business and her years of experience have allowed her to observe the changes that clothing has undergone over this time, as well as how our relationship with our garments has transformed.

The complexity in design, the move away from monomaterials, the use of new recycled fabrics, and the finishes of clothing items are some of the elements that have substantially altered the durability of clothing.

When considering the general public, it seems that the culture and knowledge around textiles has been lost, leading to a disconnect with the true value of clothing and, consequently, its care.

You can access the full conversation on Girbau LAB Talks by So Good, the cycle of interviews in which we promote reflection on the use phase of textiles as a key to a more circular industry.