20 Oct 2023

We renew our collaboration with 080Reborn

We consolidate our collaboration with 080 Reborn, the event to promote textile reuse, which will kick off the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week next Tuesday, October 24 at 2 pm at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau.

For yet another year, we want to support a change of model in the textile sector towards circularity and extend this culture, highlighting the role we want to play: Extending the life of clothing, taking care of it, treating it so that it circulates as long as possible, and improving its durability. Doing so will transform the way we consume resources and reduce our environmental impact.

If the first 080 Reborn made an impact with a collection created with clothes 100% recovered from second-hand stores and waste sorting plants, this edition reinvents itself in both content and format. This year, 080 Reborn goes beyond its physical format and proposes an innovative concept that integrates fashion, sustainability, and technological innovation. 080 Reborn will feature a collection created and conceptualized once again by the stylists Fermin&Gilles, with reused garments and fabrics.

080 Reborn is a committed bet, shared by many, that is part of the Circular Fashion Pact to which we have adhered to guide the textile sector towards a circular model.