12 Apr 2023

Girbau LAB joins the Circular Fashion Pact

A pact to weave a more sustainable future

At Girbau LAB we have joined the Pact for Circular Fashion in Catalonia to encourage the sustainable transformation of the textile sector, to promote a change in the culture of how we consume resources, and to highlight our role in the treatment of textiles, with a view to extending their life and usefulness.

Girbau LAB contributes to this initiative with the aim of promoting circularity in textiles. It is essential to extend the life of clothing, take care of it, treat it so that it circulates as long as possible and improve its durability. Doing so will allow us to change the way we use our resources, and to reduce our impact on the environment.

It is necessary and urgent to make significant changes in the production and consumption model of the textile sector, and to advance towards a circular model.

What is the Pact for Circular Fashion?

The Pact for Circular Fashion is a voluntary commitment between institutions and companies of the different links of the textile value chain in Catalonia, which come together with the purpose of enabling the adoption of circularity measures, the promotion of collaborative projects and the improvement of the competitiveness of the textile sector.

An open and cross-cutting sectoral initiative

The Pact was created with the aim of joining and coordinating the combined efforts of all the agents in the textile value chain and responding jointly and effectively to the challenges of the sector, setting common goals and developing tools to enable the transformation of the sector towards a circular model.
This industry initiative is one of the circular economy pilot actions chosen by the European Union within the Interreg Europe CircE project for its innovative nature and its replicability potential in other territories.

Global Objectives of the Circular Fashion Pact for 2024

The undersigned companies, entities, organizations and administrations are committed to working in a collaborative manner to achieve the global goals of the Circular Fashion Pact of Catalonia, and to contribute significantly to the specific goals for each segment of the textile value chain

Objectius Globals del Pacte per a la Moda Circular per a 2024




Pacte per a la Moda Circular: el pacte per teixir un futur més sostenible




Cover photo: ©Fermin+Gilles.