12 Sep 2019

Startups and Girbau LAB consolidate their mutual experience

Girbau LAB has already started several projects with startups since the beginning of its activity at the end of 2018. Mutual learning and the integration of disruptive technologies into opportunities for the real market in industrial laundry have been consolidated.

Girbau LAB’s relationship with startups is linked to five scenarios: conduct a test or demonstration of the technology/solution of the start-up, perform a proof-of-concept, close a marketing agreement, co-develop a solution together or invest directly in the startup for its growth.

The startup selection process begins with the definition of Strategic Girbau Innovation Challenges to address disruption in the laundry industry sector. The contact with start-ups has been carried out through an open call or an active search from which the received proposals are analyzed and a pre-selection is made. Direct interviews with startups helps to learn more about the level of development of the solution, the business model and the startup team. The Girbau Innovation Committee makes the final decision on which startups and what type of relationship can be established with them.

Girbau LAB, the Girbau mechanism of collaboration with Startups

The link with startups comes, on the one hand, from the IndTechChallenge project together with the company Seidor and, on the other hand, from approaches to other global startups ecosystems such as, among others, BCN Tech City, Silicon Valley, MIT Boston or Station F in France.

One of the most interesting aspects that we have seen is the importance of knowing how to combine the processes and languages of startups with those of a corporation like Girbau. The flexibility and agility of the former, as well as its trial-error model, is an added value that helps to integrate the innovative mindset and corporate entrepreneurship in Girbau. The knowledge of the market, of the ‘tempos’ of implementation and commercialization of Girbau activates in the startups the experience to be able to scale.

It should be noted that there is already an investment made with MyPoppins, the first digital home services marketplace. Girbau is the only corporate and industrial player in MyPoppins’ shareholding.